Meet Solar Panels Dallas Team

Solar Panels Dallas Team

Welcome to Solar Panels Dallas, your trusted solar energy partner in Dallas and surrounding areas in Texas. With local offices also in Austin, San Antonio, Amarillo, and El Paso, we are proud to serve a wide range of communities with our expert solar panel installations.

At Solar Panels Dallas, we are committed to delivering exceptional solar solutions across Texas. You can explore our portfolio of solar panel installations to see the breadth of our work and the impact we’ve made in various locations.

Our team of dedicated solar professionals is here to ensure that every installation meets our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us to begin your journey towards sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Carl Ennis Solar Panels Dallas owner and founder
Carl Ennis Owner & Founder
Lucas Wattson - Chief Operations Officer for
Lucas Wattson - Chief Operations Officer
Ethan Solaris - Solar Engineer for
Ethan Solaris - Solar Engineer

Carl Ennis is the visionary entrepreneur behind, a company at the forefront of solar energy solutions in Dallas and surrounding areas. With a passion for sustainable living and a deep understanding of renewable energy, Carl founded to help households and businesses transition to solar power. Under his leadership, the company has grown into a respected name in the solar industry, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Carl’s drive to promote eco-friendly energy and his dedication to community service have made a leading choice for solar installations in Texas.

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Lucas Wattson serves as the Chief Operations Officer at, where his strategic planning and operational oversight have been instrumental in the company’s success. With a background in business administration and years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Lucas brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. He is known for his exceptional ability to streamline operations, optimize team performance, and ensure the highest standards of service delivery. Lucas’s leadership and operational acumen have significantly contributed to the efficiency and growth of

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Ethan Solaris is a highly skilled Solar Engineer at, specializing in designing and implementing cutting-edge solar solutions. With a degree in electrical engineering and a specialization in photovoltaic systems, Ethan has been a key player in numerous successful solar installations. His expertise lies in creating customized solar designs that maximize efficiency and meet specific client needs. Ethan’s innovative approach and attention to detail have earned him a reputation as a leading solar engineer in the Dallas area, making significant contributions to the field of sustainable energy.

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Ava Brightman - Marketing Manager for
Ava Brightman - Marketing Manager
Liam Sunward - Sales Director for
Liam Sunward - Sales Director
Jackson Rayfield - Project Manager for
Jackson Rayfield - Project Manager

Ava Brightman is the dynamic Marketing Manager at, where she spearheads the company’s branding and marketing initiatives. With a degree in marketing and a passion for eco-friendly solutions, Ava has been pivotal in developing innovative marketing strategies that resonate with the green-conscious consumer. Her expertise in digital marketing, combined with her creativity, has significantly enhanced the company’s online presence and customer engagement. Ava’s commitment to promoting sustainable energy through effective communication has made her an invaluable asset to the team.

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Liam Sunward serves as the Sales Director at, bringing extensive experience in sales management and a deep understanding of the solar industry. His strategic approach and exceptional relationship-building skills have led to significant growth in the company’s customer base. Liam is known for his ability to understand customer needs and deliver tailored solar solutions, ensuring high satisfaction rates. His leadership in the sales department has not only driven revenue growth but also reinforced the company’s reputation as a trusted provider of solar energy systems.

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Jackson Rayfield is the meticulous Project Manager at, known for his expertise in overseeing complex solar installation projects. With a background in construction management and renewable energy, Jackson ensures that each project is executed flawlessly, from initial planning to final delivery. His attention to detail, combined with strong organizational and communication skills, guarantees that projects meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency. Jackson’s dedication to successful project outcomes has solidified’s status as a leader in solar installations.

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The Distinct Advantage of Solar

Solar Panels Dallas provides an all-encompassing, dependable, and high-efficiency solution for embracing solar power in Dallas County. As a standout solar energy provider, it’s an ideal option for residents aiming to contribute positively to the environment and reap the financial rewards of solar energy adoption.

Energy Independence in Dallas

Solar panels paired with battery storage systems enhance your control over energy generation. This combination lessens dependency on utility providers, steering you towards greater energy self-sufficiency.

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