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Unlock the power of the sun with, your top installer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Specializing in harnessing solar energy savings, our expert installers ensure your home benefits from the latest in solar technology. Explore solar incentives and see how easily solar panels can be installed to reduce your energy bills. Start your search with us and join the renewable revolution today.

Why Choose Us As Your Solar Installer?

Choosing means selecting a partner that specializes in empowering North Texas homeowners, from Garland to Plano and Arlington, including the vibrant neighborhoods of Preston Hollow to Lower Greenville. Our commitment extends beyond installation; we offer transparent pricing, precise estimates, and unparalleled customer service. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, our team is dedicated to providing you with the solar energy savings you deserve.

Discover what sets us apart and how we can illuminate your journey to renewable energy today.

Solar Energy Savings

If you're a homeowner in search of a reliable solar installer, you've come to the right place. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your solar panel installation is seamless, from the initial estimate to the final electrical hookup. With an eye for detail, we assess your roof, offer support throughout the project, and ensure your setup is optimized for maximum electric savings.

Solar Panel Installation Services in DFW

At Solar Panels Dallas, we pride ourselves on being a leading name in the solar panel installation industry. With a focus on reliable construction and innovative design, we're here to help you significantly reduce your energy bills. Learn how our expert team can make solar power a popular and effective choice for your home, even as we navigate the complexities of the construction process.

Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, is your go-to source for solar panel installation. From Arlington to Plano, Garland to Frisco, and everywhere in between, our expertise covers the vast Texas metropolitan landscape. Whether you reside in McKinney, Denton, Richardson, Irving, Allen, Dallas, or Fort Worth, our team is ready to bring solar energy savings to your doorstep.

Solar Financing Options

Explore flexible solar financing options with to illuminate your home. From leasing to loans, or outright purchase, start saving on energy costs immediately. Our solutions make solar installation accessible, ensuring your transition to clean, renewable energy is smooth and beneficial.

Solar Incentives

Use sunlight in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and save big with generous solar incentives. From the federal tax credit offering 30% off your installation costs to local rebates and property tax exemptions, making the switch has never been more affordable. Dive into solar with and transform how you power your home, all while enjoying significant savings on your energy bill.

Solar Energy System

Elevate your home's energy independence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with Our comprehensive solar solutions, including solar roofing services and backup power options like the Tesla Powerwall, Franklin Battery, Generac Guardian, and Duromax Generator, ensure your home stays powered in any situation. Transition to solar with us and secure a resilient, efficient energy system tailored to your needs.

Solar Panel Installation Services In Dallas-Fort Worth Area

At Solar Panels Dallas, we specialize in custom solar solutions tailored to the unique needs of Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners. From consultation to installation, our experts ensure a seamless transition to solar, maximizing efficiency and savings. Start your solar journey with us today.

Our Expert Solar Team is Here

Rely on for unparalleled expertise in solar installation. Our team, seasoned in the latest solar technologies and local incentives, is dedicated to powering your home efficiently.

Affordable Solar Programs in Texas

For homeowners in the Dallas area looking to go solar, the Federal Solar Tax Credit offers up to 30% off installation costs. Texas also provides a property tax exemption for solar systems, potentially increasing home value without added taxes. Local utility rebates and net metering programs may further reduce costs.

Direct Buy Solar Option

Invest in a solar energy system immediately with us and eliminate monthly bills. Our offer includes a robust 25-year guarantee, allowing you to relish the benefits of sun-powered electricity from day one. We support all leading credit cards for your convenience. Secure your solar setup in one go, and bid farewell to electricity expenses forever. With no recurring payments post-purchase, prepare to bask in uninterrupted solar energy satisfaction.

Financing Solutions

At, we provide flexible financing options that transform your utility expenses into consistent solar savings. Enjoy a fixed payment that’s less than your existing energy bill, with no future increases. Collaborating with various financing partners, we ensure competitive low interest rates on our solar installations, including advanced options like Tesla Powerwall. For select projects, take advantage of our 0% financing offer over short terms, making solar power more accessible than ever.

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Lease-to-Save Solar Plan in Dallas

Unlock monthly savings by leasing your rooftop for a solar panel installation! With our Solar Lease Agreement, you’ll benefit from a reduced kWh rate for the entire duration of the lease. has partnered with leading providers to bring you cost-effective solar solutions. Guarantee yourself a kWh rate that’s lower than what your utility company offers, and begin reducing your energy bills immediately. For more details on how to save with our solar lease options, please submit an inquiry through our Solar Programs form.

Solar Energy Benefits in Dallas

Generate your own energy with solar power and save on utility bills! As a certified Tesla Powerwall installer, we offer battery backup solutions for uninterrupted power. Enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy and potentially earn a $8,500 Oncor Solar Rebate. Secure your electric rates for the next 25 years with our lock-in rates, backed by affordable solar financing options.

Elevate your property’s value while making a positive environmental impact.

With extensive experience in both residential and commercial installations, our team is ready to work with you to find the best solar solution available.

Tapping Into Texas' Solar Power

Explore Texas’ abundant solar energy possibilities with Our offerings include top-quality solar panels that boast high efficiency and durability, all at affordable prices. This ensures you receive unparalleled value from your solar investment. Dive into the solar revolution with confidence, backed by our strong product ratings, contractor reviews, and commitment to excellence. For residents searching for a reliable solar solution, we provide all the necessary information and support every step of the way.

Total Solar Power

Dive into the full potential of solar energy with Our comprehensive approach ensures your home benefits from the most advanced solar technologies, offering reliability, savings, and eco-friendly power. Experience total solar empowerment.

Embracing Renewable Energy in DFW is at the forefront of renewable energy in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our mission is to empower homes and businesses with sustainable solar power, driving down costs and elevating environmental stewardship. Join us in making DFW greener.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Answers

Solar energy in Dallas is considered a worthwhile investment for several reasons. Firstly, the average cost for a solar panel system in Dallas is about $2.39 per watt, making a typical 5 kW system cost around $11,936 before incentives. This cost is relatively affordable compared to the national average and, with the federal tax credit, the price can drop by 30%. Over a period of 20 years, homeowners in Dallas can save approximately $40,358 on electricity costs with such a system.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, Oncor Electric Delivery offers solar rebates, including up to $9,000 for solar panel installations with energy storage. Availability and amounts may vary, so it’s recommended to consult Oncor directly or a local solar installer, such as for the most current details.

The average cost of a solar panel system in Dallas, Texas is around $2.39 per watt, including installation. This means that for a typical 5 kW system, the cost would be approximately $11,936 before any incentives are applied. However, prices can range from $10,146 to $13,726, depending on various factors like system size and equipment choice. After factoring in the federal solar tax credit, which can reduce the cost by 30%, the average price becomes more affordable.

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